Charismatic Solutions' Top Leaders Recognized at Conference

Members of Team Charismatic Solutions recently returned from a leadership conference where the firm's top producers were recognized. The relationship between travel incentives and goal-setting skills was also discussed.

Charismatic Solutions’ travel program is one of the firm’s strongest competitive edges. One month might find team leaders visiting another high-performing office for some cross-training and networking, while another takes qualifying associates to an exotic resort for a weekend retreat. Most recently Shannon, the firm’s President, took the team to Dallas, Texas for a leadership conference. 

While there, associates had a chance to hear business leaders from across the country speak about leadership topics. They attended workshops at which they received practical training in the latest techniques being used in the industry. Also, they had a chance to share best practices with peers from across the U.S. However, the most exciting part of the weekend was when team members Christopher Bland and Gregory Wilson each won a Top Leader Award.

Shannon noted that it was important for the Charismatic Solutions crew to see two of their own being recognized for their achievements on a national stage. This created incredible buzz around the office, because it was undeniable proof of what she and other team leaders always say – results are rewarded. With energy levels around the office higher than ever before, Shannon looks forward to promoting even more associates into leadership positions and also attracting talented professionals to join the team. 

Charismatic Solutions’ Travel Program Teaches How to Set and Achieve Goals

When a travel event like the Dallas trip is announced, Charismatic Solutions associates always know some specific information. For instance, how far in the future the trip will take place, what milestones (if any) have to be hit in order to qualify, and the benefits one can expect to gain from attendance. It’s no coincidence that this format follows the acronym SMART, a tool used by the firm’s trainers to teach associates how to set goals that have a high chance of being achieved.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive. Using these qualities as a filter, one can turn almost any desire into a series of action steps that practically guarantees success, which is why Shannon uses this method to announce travel. Once team members acclimate to the process, they begin to use it in their own goal-setting efforts as well. 

There are a lot of lessons to learn from travel opportunities and major networking events like the Dallas conference, both before and during the event, explained Shannon. She is certain that trips are a great way for people to really connect and apply what they’ve learned to increase their business and career opportunities. 

About Charismatic Solutions

Charismatic Solutions is a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions for the home improvement services industry. The team uses an in-person approach to connect purchase-ready homeowners with businesses that specialize in HVAC, siding, window replacement, and other renovation services. Through face-to-face interactions, they gain knowledge about each customer’s projects and identify a reliable vendor who can assist them. The firm’s unique, personalized approach ensures their location business partners grow while positively impacting the community as well. Everyone wins when customers have access to reputable contractors and small companies get new business. To learn more about how they’re making an impact in this industry, visit Charismatic Solutions at

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