Charismatic Solutions Spends Exciting Weekend in Dallas

Top Charismatic Solutions producers traveled to a national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. Shannon, the firm's President, shared specifics from the trip and discussed some benefits of a company travel program.

While there are several trips available to team members throughout the year, getting an invite to a national leadership conference is a big deal, according to Shannon. Since Brianna and Lauren have both recently been promoted into leadership roles, Shannon could think of no two better people to represent Charismatic Solutions with her in Dallas.

The event brought some of the most accomplished and successful people in customer acquisitions together for three days, where keynote speakers were given chances to share their expertise from the stage. Along with these informative talks, there were chances for Shannon, Brianna, and Lauren to meet up with other rising industry leaders and learn about the best practices being used in their markets, while also sharing what’s working in Virginia. These connections are sure to prove beneficial in future business endeavors.

There was also a prestigious awards ceremony honoring high achievers who hit big career goals in the last few months. Lauren, Brianna, and Shannon were inspired by the acceptance speeches, and even recorded live content to share with the Charismatic Solutions team via the company’s social media feeds.

More Benefits of Traveling With Charismatic Solutions

While learning and networking are two of the main reasons Shannon and her team are committed to the Charismatic Solutions travel program, there are others. For instance, the level of camaraderie that can be built at a learning event like this is the fuel that drives the firm’s culture of camaraderie. Team members get to know each other on a more personal level, which strengthens team spirit and promotes collaboration. 

Recognition is an important part of the travel program as well. Trips are a greatly appreciated way to say “Thank you” – they provide welcome chances to unwind while also sharpening knowledge bases and skill sets. Shannon strives to provide access to all the skills and knowledge a person would need to succeed in a Charismatic Solutions career, knowing that by building her team members she strengthens the organization. In her opinion, there is no better way to show someone they’re appreciated than by giving them the tools to find even more success.

Shannon, Brianna, and Lauren made the most of their time in Dallas, making lasting connections and learning from the industry’s best how to achieve their goals. This trio and the rest of Team Charismatic Solutions are already looking forward to the firm’s next trip.

About Charismatic Solutions:

Charismatic Solutions is a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions for the home improvement services industry. The team uses an in-person approach to connect purchase-ready homeowners with businesses that specialize in HVAC, siding, window replacement, and other renovation services. Through face-to-face interactions, they gain knowledge about each customer’s projects and identify a reliable vendor who can assist them. The firm’s unique, personalized approach ensures their location business partners grow while positively impacting the community as well. Everyone wins when customers have access to reputable contractors and small companies get new business. To learn more about how they’re making an impact in this industry, visit Charismatic Solutions at

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