Charismatic Solutions' President Goes Into Trenches to Learn

WOODBRIDGE, VA - The leadership of Charismatic Solutions, a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions, described how the firm's President emphasizes excellence by traveling with team members to do work in the field.

Shannon, Charismatic Solutions’ President, is a firm believer in rolling up her sleeves and digging in when it comes to understanding her team’s and her customers’ experiences. Currently, she is traveling with select associates to gain a ground-level view of the work they perform and the challenges they face. She believes that by spending time meeting with customers and businesses, she has a unique opportunity to make recommendations and guide everyone to deliver their best at all times.

“Stepping into the field is a great way to get back to the basics and help the team evolve, and also stay up to date with the market,” said Shannon. During these excursions, Shannon and the people she accompanies have ample opportunity to engage in the one-on-one coaching program that makes Charismatic Solutions’ learning environment unique. 

According to Shannon, by being in the field, she’s been able to pinpoint many opportunities for her team as well as the national partners they represent, which will ultimately lead to even more success for this firm.

Charismatic Solutions’ President on Why Hands-On Training Nets More Results

Shannon was quick to attribute her field endeavors to Charismatic Solutions’ hands-on training approach. She credits this with helping her people be amply prepared to create innovative outreach campaigns that capture people’s attention. By pairing executives with seasoned coaches who are well-versed in the industry, she explained that successful knowledge transfer is attained. 

As Shannon elaborated, every team member is on a specific career trajectory based on his or her professional objectives. The coaching provided is individualized to each person’s path. This ensures that every person has the knowledge and wisdom to excel.

By working with people on a personal basis, Shannon noted team members are equipped to excel in this competitive industry. As a group, they solidify each success as a victory for all, celebrating together. 

Team building rounds out why Charismatic Solutions excels in telecommunications. Shannon stresses that together, they make time to share the insights gathered from their field work to build on the wisdom they’ve acquired in meeting with customers.

The firm’s philosophy is dedicated to advancing those who have demonstrated their abilities to lead, so Shannon believes that providing personalized guidance is what drives career excellence and fuels overall growth and expansion. She looks forward to more chances to tag along with her team in the field, to observe their work, and pool their efforts to ensure this company stays well ahead of trends and succeeds.

About Charismatic Solutions:

Charismatic Solutions is a leading provider of customer acquisition solutions for the home improvement services industry. The team uses an in-person approach to connect purchase-ready homeowners with businesses that specialize in HVAC, siding, window replacement, and other renovation services. Through face-to-face interactions, they gain knowledge about each customer’s projects and identify a reliable vendor who can assist them. The firm’s unique, personalized approach ensures their location business partners grow while positively impacting the community as well. Everyone wins when customers have access to reputable contractors and small companies get new business. To learn more about how they’re making an impact in this industry, visit Charismatic Solutions at

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